• Content is the most important part of the webpage. No matter how flashy and aesthetically pleasing the website looks, without the content the website would be useless and of little value to the readers or visitors.
  • Navigation is crucial when it comes to website design. Without it your potential clients would not be able to find out about you and your company. The navigation should be easy to use and clearly visible. Some examples include visible links to home pages, “About Us” and “Back” buttons.
  • White space is crucial when designing your webpage. This will make it less cluttered, easier to read and manoeuvre around the website.
  • Website Speed. It is important that your website loads quickly. This is one of the most important requirements when it comes to designing and developing a website. To ensure that your website downloads within 15 seconds, it is advised that you avoid excessive use of images, animations, videos, flash designs and audio.
  • Branding. Your name and company logo needs to be included on every page so that the visitors know exactly where they are and what to expect.
  • Consistency. Your design, font, style, content and other aspects need to be consistent throughout the entire website. Remember that keeping it simple and consistent is one of the most important basic website requirements
  • User Friendly. This means that the website should be user-friendly, simple and reliable.
  • Mobile Friendly. It is important that you ensure that your webpages are responsive & can be read on a variety of different browsers and screen sizes as well as on mobile and tablet devices.

All of this magnificent requirements we gladly prepare for you will be more than enough to get your small buisness into a bigger and more succesful buisness.




İf you have a small shop, or a new starting brand, or you allready have your clients but just need them to catch up with tha latest news BASİC WEBSİTE is what you need.

İtis used as a form of advertising and it allows your potential clients to learn more about your company and the available products you have to offer however, there are certain things that your website needs, to ensure that your potential clients are happy.